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Dhan Samriddhi Kit

Dhan Samriddhi Kit is an especial package of nine auspicious and rare items which increases prosperity in your life which is abhimantrit by Maha Lakshami Mantras so it will provide immediate effect and blessings of Goddess Lakshami. It is also a powerful source for positive energy creating a positive aura in your house which also brings new opportunities in your life. Dhan Samriddhi Kit also increases financial gain in your life and improves your economy, making your life prosperous. Package Content: 1.Shri Siddh Yantra 2.Siddh Kuber yantra 3.Lakshami Ganes sikka 4.Lakshami Ganesh Pratima 5.Kamalgatta Mala 6.MahaLakshami Charana 7.Shri suktam book 8.Ekakshi Nariyal 9.Dakshinavarti Shankh

Dhatu : Ashtdhatu

VAR : Friday

Dharna Widi : Put this kit in your Pujasthal on friday

Mantra : Om Shrim Shriye Namaha

Price ( INR ): 3499 BUY NOW